Wedding Centerpieces – Seven Tips

There are so manyBeanos center piece decisions to be made while planning a wedding. There are the big decisions such as venues, photographers, planners, flowers and food and the “smaller” decisions such as invitations, color schemes, and linens –but don’t for get about the center pieces…

As with all wedding details, wedding centerpieces come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and have a dramatic effect over the theme of your wedding.

Here are some tips for helping you choose the centerpiece that is right for your wedding.

Set a budget

Remember that there will be a centerpiece on every dinning table. When deciding on the final number of centerpieces you need you might want to include other locations such as the cake table, bar, gift table, sign in table and/or the entryway of the venue.  Sometimes less is more and you can still have an elegant look with out spending a fortune on each table.

Seasonal and holiday details

Incorporating the seasons or holidays in your centerpieces can be a great way to bring a creative flare to your tables.  For example, fall weddings can use pumpkins and gourds or even golden aspen leaves to accent your table arrangements. Winter weddings ideas can include pinecones, evergreen branches, white roses and flowers, willow branches and aspen bark.

Thinking outside the box

Clear glass vases are what are most commonly thought of for centerpieces. But there are other great ideas out there. Instead of vases you can also use other items to hold your flowers like birdcages, wood pieces, and pinecones. Also use accent items like stones, candles, or person trinkets match your theme.

Size matters

Make sure you consider the size of your centerpieces. Tall skinny vases can be precarious and can topple if the table gets bummed. Also, beware of vision blocking centerpieces especially with round or square tables. I have personally watched guests put their centerpieces on the floor because they couldn’t see the people across the table.

Personal touches

A great way to bring your won personal flare to your centerpieces is to include pictures or mementoes form your travels or milestones in your relationship. Photos and souvenirs are a great what to tell the story of your relationship. They are also a great why to tie in your name cards and table numbers. For example, If you love to ski each table can be a different ski mountain that you have been to together.

The web

The web is an endless resource for inspiration and ideas for centerpieces. Try adding a theme to your search. Instead of just searching “wedding centerpieces” try “mountain wedding centerpieces” or “winter wedding centerpieces.” Also, be sure to check out the images tab on search engines. This is a great way to see hundreds of pictures without text or visiting different website and can be a great time saver.

Ask a Professional

Tired of making all the decisions. Ask a professional. florists, caters and planners are a great resource for centerpiece ideas. In fact, many will have their own person supply of vases and decorations from past wedding that they will usually supply at a discount.

By Bryan Grant

RMWR co founder

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