Why Hire A Wedding Coordinator?

Donovan PavillianNow that you are engaged, it’s time to start planning a wedding.  As you begin to plan your wedding, you may start to realize that amount of decisions that need to be made can be over welling.  Decisions about venues, guest lists, budget, seating and vendors quickly mount and become over welling.  Couples often find that they need help sifting through the details to planning their perfect wedding.

No longer should wedding planners be thought of as a luxury, or just for over the top wedding. The reality is, most people can use the professional help of a wedding coordinator.  Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process. Sitting down with a coordinator early can help steer you toward the right wedding venues, number of guests and catering options that will best fit your budget. Also, wedding coordinators will help you find reliable and trustworthy vendors. Wedding coordinators have the experience in negotiating contracts with caterers, florists, photographers, and other suppliers and by doing so the coordinator saves you valuable time and money.

Invitations are sent.  All the vendors are picked and the menu is set. Do I still need a wedding planner? Yes. Even if you have made most of the pre planning yourself, having a “day of” coordinator is still very much worth the added expense. On the day of your wedding, the coordinator will help move things along and keep your wedding on schedule. A good coordinator will make sure that all the vendors have the appropriate timelines. They will make sure that everything is set up perfectly and can help with packing up things at the end of the night. They will also make sure that you reception moves along smoothly. To many times I have been to weddings without a planner where speeches go on to long there are awkward pauses in events and people don’t know where to go.

Planners will also be there for any unexpected emergencies such as missing buttons to unexpected medical problems. The bottom line is, a wedding coordinator will save you time and enable you to get the most for your money.

Picking the right coordinator?  Most importantly you should feel like you can trust your planner and feel comfortable working with them. Does the planner share or understand your vision and style of your wedding. How long has the planner been in business for and do they belong to any professional any organizations. Whether you are looking for full wedding coverage, day of services, reception set up, or just vendor contracting and professional wedding coordinator should be an essential part of you wedding experience.

By Bryan Grant

RMWR co founder


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