10 questions to ask your DJ before hiring them

Beanos beaver creek wedding1. Are you licensed and insured for on-mountain weddings (generally a $1 million policy is required)?

2. Can I meet my DJ before I decide to hire him?

3. Will my DJ be dressed appropriately?

4. Do you bring back-up equipment?

5. Do you have a back-up DJ in case of emergency?
6. Do you play requests?

7. Will you put up a banner or sign? (answer should be NO!)

8. Can we have a “don’t play” list?

9. Do you also act as emcee?

10. Do you provide wireless microphones?

The answer to all of the above (except #7 – no cheesy signs should be allowed!) should be a firm YES before moving forward with any DJ company.

When you are shopping for a dj you are looking for much more than someone to show up and play music at your event. You are looking for a person who will listen to you and understand your vision for your big night. They should have a professional appearance and have a nice personality that fits in with the mood and energy of your event. Our brides #1 fear is that their DJ will be cheesy or unprepared. There is no need to risk hiring a cheesy, predicable wedding DJ! Call on your DJs references to make sure they have the right personality for you. Interview your DJ face-to-face whenever possible and confirm that the DJ you meet is the DJ that will be yours at your event. Make sure your DJ is someone you would like to spend time with on a personal level as well as in his professional capacity.

Be very specific when talking with your DJ. Tell them your likes and dislikes. Give them all the information you can about who you are and what you are looking for in a DJ. Tell tale signs of a cheesy DJ is often that they think they are the center of the universe and play and say what they want to vs. what you ask for. A well-qualified DJ will be able to mix almost any music into a musical soundscape that will set the tone for your reception. Make sure your DJ has a copy of your timeline and has a completely clear understand of what you do and don’t want played night of. Try to provide this information at least two weeks prior to your event. Besides playing the right music at the right times your DJ should also be a well- qualified emcee who can walk you and your guests through the evening. Afterall, you want to be enjoying your friends and family not telling the DJ what to do night-of!

At a greatime dj we hire and send out DJs to all of our events that we would want at our own wedding. Our DJs are professional, polished, low-ego, fun and very open to your needs. We hope these tips help you in choosing the right DJ for your occasion! Hope to talk to you soon!

All the Best,

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