Creative Mountain Imaging

We believe that our value is defined in our creativity, artistry and equipment as well as in the way we conduct ourselves as we film your wedding. Our first rule is to be non-intrusive. We are always mindful that your wedding is not a production shoot, it is a celebration, a joining of two families as well for many a religious event. Because of this we do not bringing equipment that is overly intrusive, or turn on bright camera lights, or step in front of a wedding guest to get a shot. We do not follow the bridal couple around constantly putting cameras in their faces or getting on the dance floor to film their first dance. When we film we feel it is important for our cameraman to fade into the background of the wedding (we normally use telephoto lens) so that as we film, the couple begins to relax & forgets that we are even there filming. That’s when the magic happens & you are filming not just images, but feelings and emotions.

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